A Step-by-Step Guide To Writing A Killer Article

How to organize your writing process as a freelance journalist

Sashenka Paatz
5 min readMay 5, 2020

Writing an effective and engaging article requires a plan of action. I spent two years at J-school learning how to organize my writing process. I’ll teach you in 5 minutes.

As an ultra-organized person, I need a straightforward “to do” list for every goal I set. Whether it’s a task as simple as cleaning my room or as complex as building a rocket (which I have never done, by the way), I am a woman with a plan. Writing an article is no exception.

Amidst the writing process. (Photo by Sashenka Paatz)

Every form of writing, no matter how creative or factual, has guidelines. A timeline of events must be set in course before the final product appears in all its glory. This timeline looks different for each genre of writing. I’m sure I have no idea how to even begin writing a limerick poem or a sci-fi novel. However, I do know the steps from start to finish in the process of writing a factual article.

Step 1: Brainstorm

Writing always includes this step, doesn’t it? An idea worth writing about must come from somewhere. The question is, where do you find a good idea for an article? There are a number of places to look…

  • the internet
  • bulletins



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